1.Leaders Company for Educational Services owns Leaders Schools where the owners and investors have a common vision and one main goal; which is to provide the community with the highest level of educational programs and to establish a role model in the pre-university education. So, we decided to apply a value-oriented and co-education. In 2012, Leaders College launched “Leaders Language School” and implement our vision and plans using three main managerial strategies.

2.Firstly, the HIGHLY SELECTIVE STRATEGY; which aims to select the best of the best in all aspects of the educational industry, including the learning programs and resources, school campus and facilities, employees and staff, students and families, vendors and suppliers, and thus we create the best education community.

3.The second strategy is the HIGH ACHIEVERS SUPPORT STRATEGY, which aims to encourage staff, students and every one in our team to reach high levels of achievements. This would help us to continuously improve Leaders organization and maintain its position as a standard educational services.

4.The third strategy is the BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY which aims to keep our schools in a unique position away from the market competition, and cooperate with other schools rather than compete with them. 

5.It is worth mentioning that we extend our services to other schools through reorganization, management, human resources support and even partnership. We always welcome others with the same vision, aims and philosophy to collaborate with and to work hand to hand in order to better serve and improve our community