Building an excellent academic foundation, enhancing critical-thinking abilities, and building connections between various subjects. We also foster the principles of cooperation, discipline, and kindness toward all members of the school community. -We provide an environment that is genuinely kind and caring, and suits the students' different educational levels and physical and mental abilities. -Teachers employ a range of strategies to stimulate students’ brains as they lead small groups of students in learning. Thematic education involves integrating and fusing ideas and concepts across various subject fields. -The school offers an integrated curriculum for students. All teachers rely on unifying concepts and holistic learning to connect diverse areas of study. They can be interdisciplinary, in which multiple subjects are included, or multidisciplinary, in which multiple topics in the same subject are integrated. Integrated curricula have a variety of important benefits. Students tend to be more engaged through holistic, authentic learning, resulting in more flexible and critical thinking.

Teachers continuously track each student's development through daily work, projects, and assessment. Teachers get to know their students as individuals and to place boys and girls where they will receive the utmost benefit.

Every day, we raise our students on the most precious values like respect, kindness, and compassion. Through learning projects and character-building activities, students learn about global challenges and are exposed to a variety of culture.

-Leaders school experienced teachers play a very important role as they assess students’ daily work and adapt approaches to meet individual needs.  Teachers follow the international standards as well as focus on the student – centered classroom in which students express their genuine creativity.

-Leader’s school build partnership with parents and develop mutual responsibility for their children’s’ success in the educational system.  Parents and teachers collaborate to ensure that each child receives the best education. Parents are partners in the process via regular student progress reports, and the monthly parenting sessions and meetings. We encourage parents to get involved with Leaders’ College.

Our school presents an appropriate schedule that focuses on outdoor play, exercising, homework, enrichment programs, crafts, and games. Our aim is to foster our students on enjoying what they are learning and to appreciate the beauty of arts.

-Students learn confidence, self-esteem, and an appreciation for communal living in this loving environment. Everyone knows each child, and they look out for one another. Their unique camaraderie grows over time and spreads beyond the classrooms to the entire school community.