It’s our vision that all students have pride in their culture and are able to apply their tenets to every aspect of their lives while having the courage to act upon their beliefs. We aim at allowing our students to grow into exceptional members of society; this is the ruling force behind our dedication to their development academically, personally, socially and morally.


The LNS Mission is realized through: Producing individuals who have the skills, ability, and attitudes to succeed as productive citizens. Developing a mindset of life-long learners. Demonstrating high standards and meeting expectations for the entire school personnel. Maximizing the utilization of LNS resources.

Aiming at creating responsible, disciplined full potentiated and citizens, who are fully aware of their social, moral and cultural obligations and commitments, with a desire for unbounded service to humanity.we are dedicated to fastening a love of knowledge, promoting academic excellence, and cultivating leadership skills in our high school students.