The library which is important component of the educational system,provides students with the needed resorirces to a better standard of learning. It is a bright, inviting room. Books, magazines and periodicals are there in large numbers and in a wide variety. Its extension is more of a comfortable reading room including a wide selection of reference books. The library is staffed by a qualified librarian who is ready to help the students and give them access to a wide range of resources for study and research.

As such, it is important that the Library establishes and maintains an atmosphere that allows all users to access the resources and to study, read, and concentrate without undue difficulty, noise or distraction. To do so, rules of appropriate library conduct must be observed by all.

• Loud conversation (i.e. that which can be easily and clearly overheard by others in nearby work areas) is prohibited.
• To maintain the books and other materials and equipment: eating and drinking in the Library is prohibited. (Exception: bottles of water)