Bus Transportation:

Bus transportation is an extension of Leaders. Therefore, bus behavior is subject to Leaders Code of Conduct:

- Bus matrons are responsible for the students' safety during bus trips. Students must respect their authority and adhere to their instructions. Matrons are not allowed to deliver / receive any verbal messages between parents and school staff, or ring parents / students when the bus arrives at destination.

- Students are required to remain seated in the assigned seat by the matron and fasten their seat belts.

- Buses will not move unless all students are seated.

- Students are refrained from putting their heads, hands, and objects out of the window.

- Students are permitted to get off the bus only at their assigned stops.

- Buses will not wait at the designated stops in the morning for tardy students.

- Buses will not return to students who missed their bus.

   - Students are expected to keep their bus clean, throw trash only in the trash bin.

   -No food is allowed inside the bus.

   - Students are not to converse with the driver.

- Any misconduct inside the bus, the bus matron will convey to the school counselor and action will be taken. If repeated, this will result in depriving the student from riding the bus.