Starting from Grade 1 through Grade 6, Leaders College focuses on developing a strong academic base, sharpening critical-thinking skills, and making connections across subject areas. At the same time, we instill the habits of self-discipline, respect for others, and collaboration. We teach to each child's strengths in a genuinely warm, nurturing, and inclusive atmosphere. Students are guided by teachers who use a variety of techniques to inspire young minds. Teaching is thematic – weaving together ideas and concepts from various subjects. - An integrated curriculum. At each grade level, we use specific themes to bring together learning from English, Arabic , religion, second language, music, art, technology, social studies, science, mathematics, library skills, and physical education. The result: children gain well-rounded, hands-on experience. - Continuous assessment. Teachers closely monitor each child’s progress based on daily work, projects, and testing.
- Engagement with the wider world. We practice respect, kindness, and compassion daily. Students learn about global issues and gain exposure to a variety of cultures through learning projects and character-building activities. Because class sizes are small, teachers assess students daily and adapt approaches to meet individual needs. Teachers and parents work together to provide the best education possible for each child.

- Parental involvement. Parents are partners in the process via regular student progress assessments, and the monthly parenting sessions and meetings. We encourage parents to get involved with Leaders College.

In this nurturing environment, students gain confidence, self-esteem, and an appreciation for community living. Each child is known by everyone, and they look out for one another. Over time, the remarkable camaraderie they develop extends beyond classrooms to the larger school community.