Philosophy & Values




  • Students

Offering top quality education for students to ensure complete satisfaction during the whole academic year.


  • Parents

Ensuring complete satisfaction of parents with respect to cost-benefit relationship as well as their children's welfare.


  • Staff

Providing training, development and continuous improvement for staff (academic and non-academic) to ensure the highest performance standards of education and research output.


  • Community

Offering social activities and community services to contribute to the social and economic well being of its local and national community.





  • Excellence
    We continually strive to be among the best in all we do: in teaching, research, creative expression, service to our communities, and service to each other in our daily interactions.

  • Diversity
    We seek to treat all individuals with dignity and fairness and to promote understanding and respect for diversity of perspectives, traditions, and experiences.

  • Social Responsibility
    We are committed to exploring the challenges that confront Egypt, the region, and the world and to using our intellectual and creative capabilities to address these challenges, serve our communities, and have a positive and sustainable impact on development, business, the environment, and society.

  • Integrity
    We believe that individuals are accountable for their actions, and, as members of a community, our individual actions have an impact on others. We are stronger as a community when we reflect on the consequences of our decisions and actions and we uphold the principles of academic integrity, including fairness, accountability, and honesty