Leaders’ College offers high quality Air Conditioned transportation service for both students and staff members covering different areas of Cairo. Various rounds are provided in order to facilitate the transportation of students and staff to/from campus to/from different areas in Cairo. Safety and punctuality are the quality that the Leaders’ College Transportation Office maintains.


Bus transportation is an extension of Leaders. Therefore all behavior on school sponsored transportation is subject to the Leaders Code of Conduct.

In addition, the following rules apply to bus behavior:

-          Students are required to stay in their seats.

-          Students are to refrain from putting their head, hands, and objects out of the window.

-          Riders are permitted to get off the bus only at their assigned stops.

-          Buses will not wait at the designated stops in the morning for tardy students.

-          Buses will not return to students who have missed the bus.

-          Buses will not move unless all students are seated.

-          Students must adhere to the directions of the bus matron.

-          Students are expected to keep their bus clean, throw trash only in the trash bin.

-          Students are not allowed to stand or walk around while the bus is moving. Only sit in the seat assigned by the bus matron.

-          Keep aisles clear of books and bags.

-          Don’t converse with the driver.

-          The transportation system is not designed to permit students to go on different buses or to other stops.

-          Any misconduct inside the bus, the student will be deprived from riding the bus.

Bus Matrons:

Bus matrons are responsible for the students' safety during bus trips. Students must respect their authority. Matrons are not allowed to deliver / receive verbal messages from parents to / from any school staff, or ring parents / students when the bus arrives at destination.

Matrons are not allowed to receive any charitable items (including money).