People and Events

A strong sense of belonging. Away from class, a number of popular events forge lasting friendships.At Leaders’ College we view participation in extracurricular activities as an important component of communication and relationship building. 
We strive to involve students in a number of events and activities held throughout the school year, including the
altHaj Celebration, Leadership day, Science Fair, Book Fair and International Festival…etc. These projects are designed to serve as community building activities and as a means of further communication between students and teachers in an interesting and supportive Atmosphere.

At Leaders’ College we also have big organized events so that parents and teachers can share nice moments in the School with their children; like the Community Day and The Family Day. As we have a grand gator Day, so Grandparents can share nice moments with their Grandchildren. 

All of these events and activities are viewed as an important and valued component of our school schedule.A detailed schedule will be published by the beginning of the Academic year.