Students' Life


We believe that each student is unique in himself. Each student is encouraged to discover this fine quality that distinguishes him/her from his colleagues. The student life in Leaders’ College is what will make our present students the leaders of tomorrow.


Our school quickly stands as an elite learning institution in New Cairo. It distinguishes itself from other schools in many ways:


1. Innovative teaching techniques that maximize student achievement, aiming to fulfill at the 11 objectives settled by Robert      Marzano, the highest  school standard evaluation database among the United State Schools nowadays.
2. A rigorous curriculum with a particular focus on Character Building and Morals.
3. A high percentage of teachers with advanced degrees.
4. A commitment to Arabic and religious studies.
5. French language studies beginning in 1st elementary.
6. Small class capacity (maximum of 30 students per class)


This unique educational system, considers the young learner as not a passive recipient of information, but an active and positive participant of the learning process, a process that encourages and triggers critical thinking, creativity, imagination, self direction towards purposeful activities.